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Rose Bar is perhaps the most well known hostess bar in all of Phnom Penh. It was the original on Street 104. That short street is now lined with girlie bars from one end to the other. Yet Rose Bar continues to evolved and maintain its chat popularity.

At the same time, there are those who seem to avoid the bar for one reason or another. There can be no doubt that Rose Bar draws in its share of customers though. On any given night numerous men can be found inside cavorting with the even more numerous women.

When it was starting out Rose Bar was a rather simple place. The main thing that set the bar apart was its location. Today it is one of the largest hostess bars in the city. It extends far back into a pool room. And there is an additional “VIP space” upstairs.

Location and layout

Rose Bar is located on the south side of Street 104. With the large sign and lights out front it is basically impossible to miss. On top of that many tuk tuk drivers who specialize in serving foreigners know exactly where the bar is located. This must lead to at least some of the traffic that goes into the bar.

Yet while Rose Bar is a popular place it never seems to be overly crowded. There are always at least a few hostesses free to interact with customers. That is not the case in some other bars which only have a handful of women around.

Rose Bar Street 104Rose Bar Street 104

The bar itself is very long and lined with high back padded stools. There are raised tables with wooden chairs along the wall. Back in the pool room there is some additional seating. Then there are the cushioned couches up in the VIP room. So there is a lot of space.

Rose Bar also has a high number of women who can speak English. In some cases this can be explained by their long work histories. But Rose Bar also has a lot of women in their early twenties on staff. That includes at least one gal who has a habit of going around without a bra. Although rare for women under fifty in modern Cambodia, I doubt her wardrobe many complaints from male clientele.

Prices and summary

Not long ago the prices in Phnom Penh were very low all across the board. Many have heard tales of the famous bars with oral sex samples on offer for a dollar each. Or blowjobs that came along with beers. Those days are well and gone. Prices are still relatively low in comparison to some parts of the world. But they are much higher than they used to be.


In addition there is also a lot of variance in prices these days. There is no uniform lady drink price. Some bars charge more than others for drinks and for barfines. The market has truly emerged in Phnom Penh. And its obvious in more than just the bars.

Prices at Rose Bar are relatively reasonable. The bar doesn’t charge exorbitant rates on anything despite its popularity. So a beer still goes for a couple of bucks. And a lady drink still costs three dollars and change. The barfine at Rose Bar is $10 USD. Most women at Rose Bar are keen to leave with customers too. They of course expect additional compensation for their time. Most want a minimum of $50 though it is all negotiable.

Rose Bar is one of the longest running hostess bars in Phnom Penh. It draws in a lot of tourists and temporary visitors. But it also has a coterie of regular clients. Maintaining that sort of thing requires a certain touch. I give it two-and-a-half stars.